As a private-only specialist orthodontic practice not supported by NHS contract income, Valley Orthodontics relies on a steady flow of new patients for its range of brace treatments - from traditional fixed braces to Invisalign and lingual braces.  Smile Marketing was commissioned to create a robust Marketing Plan to ensure targets could be achieved and surpassed.

As well as deliver new patients from external marketing and 'internal' referral programmes, a strategy was required to build awareness of skills and capabilities both to existing and potential referring GDPs.


A clear marketing plan with specific patient recruitment and GDP referral objectives was created to include a mix of media such as local PR and targeted ads, supported by the website and SEO to drive visitors.  For GDPs, a programme of newsletters was launched and these ensure they are aware of the latest events being hosted by the Principal and the latest techniques such as lingual braces. 

A key part of the plan also was to set up patient follow-up and measurement processes so that all enquiries and 'starts' are monitored and actionable data is available for practice decision making.

Monthly review and marketing coaching sessions were provided to ensure the plan was on track and to review results and new opportunities as the practice patient base continues to grow.

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